Revolutionizing SEO Hosting From the Ground Up

At Cloak Hosting, we provide solutions and tools that no other host has, creating a more optimized and organic SEO hosting environment.

Traditional SEO Hosting and Its Limits

In essence, all SEO hosting works in pretty much the same way. Namely, the host buys a large number of IP address blocks, places them on one server, and allocates some of them to your account.

However, this current state of affairs in the SEO hosting industry has many problems, including:

  • Every site hosted in those IP ranges is an SEO site. Because of this, even if you do everything right with yours, not all other sites will as well, which can make those sites, along with yours, easy to spot. This also makes it easy to identify IP ranges used for SEO hosting.
  • Like with domain names, there is a database of all IP addresses and their owners, which is publicly available. So, anyone can see how many IPs are owned by the same company.
  • The IPs that regular SEO hosts offer are usually contiguous. So, you have massive, sequential lists of IPs and even class C blocks, which stand out like a sore thumb and are not natural.

How Cloak Hosting Stands Out From the Crowd

We have engineered an entirely different system. We disregarded all the assumptions that traditional SEO hosting is based on. The result of our unorthodox approach? A system that is miles ahead of the competition.

  • Cloak Hosting has a sophisticated engine that chooses disparate IP addresses for customers based on availability, previously assigned IPs, and distance from existing IPs.
  • And while you manage your sites from a single cPanel account, making the process easier and more efficient, your sites show up in multiple different data centers running on other people’s IP blocks.
  • All of the IPs and C blocks we offer are non-contagious. Additionally, looking them up in ARIN will never lead back to you or Cloak Hosting. In fact, there is no pattern or footprint at all to the IPs, server locations, nameservers, or any other element of our hosting. So, no one will know how many IPs we own as they cannot tie them back to us.
  • We scatter your sites in a way that allows them to blend into the background, neatly placed with the rest of the sites on the Internet.

Exclusive Perks Only Cloak Hosting Offers

More IPs

Our IPs are scattered across more class-A networks than any other SEO host.

A Long List of Data Centers

We have sites running in more data centers around the world than anyone else on the market.

Vast SEO Experience

All of us are a part of the SEO industry and are constantly improving our skills to meet the needs of SEO professionals better.

Customers First

Our policy will always be to strive to deliver the best value to our customers. We’d rather run on top-tier hardware than save a few bucks.