Report Abuse - Keeping the Internet Safe & Responsible

Help us maintain a secure online ecosystem. Report abuse and protect the integrity of our web hosting and domains services. Your vigilance matters!

The Process

At Cloakhosting, we take abuse reports seriously to ensure a safe and responsible online environment for all our users. If you come across any misuse, violations, or harmful activities related to our web hosting and domains services, please report it to us immediately.

To report abuse, please send an email to our dedicated abuse team at [email protected]. Include all relevant details, such as the nature of the abuse, the URLs involved, and any supporting evidence you may have.

Receipt Confirmation

Once you submit an abuse report, you will receive an acknowledgment email from us, confirming that we have received your complaint.

Review within 24 Hours

Our team will begin reviewing the report within 24 hours of receiving it. We take every complaint seriously and prioritize swift action.

Thorough Investigation

Our experts will thoroughly investigate the reported abuse to validate the claim and gather additional information if necessary.

Appropriate Action

If we find the reported abuse to be genuine, we will take immediate and appropriate action to address the issue. Our goal is to protect the interests of all users and maintain a secure environment.

Resolution Confirmation

Once the abuse complaint has been successfully resolved, we will send you a confirmation email with the outcome of our investigation and the actions taken.

Formal Complaints

To raise a complaint or escalate an unresolved issue, email [email protected] with the subject 'Complaint.' It will be assigned to a senior manager for investigation. If unsatisfied, escalate to the company directors via post:

World Host Group US
108 West 13th Street,

They will respond within three working days. Include all relevant information for a thorough investigation. If still unsatisfied, third-party mediation/arbitration is available.