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The Story Behind Cloak Hosting

Our story starts on a cruise ship in early 2011. We were sitting around lamenting the shortcomings of the available options in the SEO hosting space, which were becoming too big to overlook.

As customers of multiple different providers, we knew too well what was being done wrong. And even when we put all the IP setup issues aside, there were still many things to hate, like the slow, underperforming servers, mediocre customer support, and the unpredictable nature of the hosts themselves.

Of course, there were problems with the IPs themselves to consider. All you could get were large, sequential blocks of C-class addresses put in huge IP ranges filled with SEO-hosted sites and nothing else. All of this made it incredibly easy to identify and flag SEO hosting ranges once you found one.

So, what did we do? What any decent tech entrepreneur would in this situation – we re-imagined, re-invented, and re-created. We took a different approach from the jump and built the SEO hosting company we always wished we could have, bringing Cloak Hosting to light.