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The Next Generation of SEO Hosting Has Arrived

SEO Hosting the way you always wished it was, and then some.


Light Years Ahead

Cloak Hosting is the only SEO Hosting company that was built from scratch by SEO professionals to eliminate the problems and frustrations that are rampant in the industry.

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50+ Class A Blocks

While most SEO Hosts have IPs from only a few different class A networks, Cloak Hosting has IPs in almost 25% of class A networks on the Internet.


Powerful Control Panel

Manage your sites through CPanel, and your IPs and Cloaking through our proprietary control panel. All your details, information, and support in one easy location.

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Looking for an Overview?

Check out this short, 2 minute video for a quick overview of the problems with traditional hosting for SEO and how Cloak Hosting is different.

Regular SEO hosting is easy to detect, and easy to see through. Cloak Hosting takes a radically different approach by scattering your sites in amongst regular sites, making them virtually unnoticeable.

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Stop Paying for Bad IPs: Cloak Hosting Does It Better

Did you know that the method most SEO hosting companies use to provide you with IPs is riddled with problems? Don't risk losing your sites and your rankings by relying on systems designed 15 years ago.

PROBLEM: Contiguous IP blocks

Most SEO hosting companies have large, sequential blocks of IPs. Typically you'll get your class C's assigned from just one or two larger blocks, putting all your sites very close together. This is EASY to spot, even manually. Anyone using automated systems to detect your sites will have no problem.

SOLUTION: Cloak Hosting uses scattered IP addresses from over 50 different Class A blocks.

PROBLEM: Single Data Center

Other SEO hosting companies will have servers in a single data center, or maybe a few data centers. The problem with this is that even though you have many IPs, it is extremely easy to see that they are all hosted in one location. Try searching for a term like "dentist" or "flower delivery". Even on a wired connection with no GPS, the search engines know where you are. Do you think they can't figure out where your sites are hosted?

SOLUTION: Cloak Hosting has IPs in 50+ data centers, so you never worry about being in 1-2 locations.

PROBLEM: IP Ownership Records

Did you know that there is a registry system for IP space, just like there is for domains? Did you know that there is NO private registration for IPs? That means that those big blocks of IPs which other SEO hosts are putting your sites on are registered to them, and it is all public information.

SOLUTION: Cloak Hosting uses IP addresses registered to hundreds of different owners.

PROBLEM: Bad Neighborhoods

Because of the way that SEO hosts allocate IPs, your "neighbors", meaning those with the IPs that are one higher than yours or one lower, could be ruining your reputation. Once a number of problems crop up in a block, there is the potential for the entire set of IPs to be blacklisted or penalized. So even if you do everything right, you could end up in trouble.

SOLUTION: Cloak Hosting puts your site in a neighorhood with regular, non-SEO hosted websites.

10 IP Package
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  • 10 class C networks
  • SSD-based Server
  • Unmetered Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Cpanel, Fantastico
25 IP Package
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  • 25 class C networks
  • SSD-based Server
  • Unmetered Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Cpanel, Fantastico
100 IP Package
14-day Free TrialCreate My Free Account
  • 100 class C networks
  • SSD-based Server
  • Unmetered Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Cpanel, Fantastico

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