SEO Hosting Created by SEO Professionals for SEO Professionals

SEO Hosting Created by SEO Professionals for SEO Professionals

Take advantage of our top-quality managed services and choose the hosting Spread your presence all around the world without worrying about downtime. Take advantage of the highest IP diversity on the market that no other host can match and experience superior SEO hosting – all in one place.

The Best SEO Hosting Packages on the Market

Choose from fully-equipped IP packages deployed on high-end cloud servers that make downtime and latency issues a thing of the past.

10 IP Package

Start your SEO journey the right way and get ten class C networks and unlimited resources.

25 IP Package

Take your global presence a step further with 25 class C networks.

100 IP Package

Enjoy the ultimate SEO hosting experience and have 100 class C networks at your disposal.

Cloak Hosting - SEO Hosting Done Right

Cloak Hosting is the only SEO hosting company built from scratch by SEO professionals whose goal was to eliminate the problems and challenges the industry faces. The result? – A highly-optimized environment that provides the SEO hosting everybody needs, with:

Scattered IP Addresses from 50+ Class A Blocks

Cloak Hosting has scattered IPs in almost 25% of class-A networks on the Internet, enabling you to spread your sites far apart from each other.

Powerful Control Panel

Use the cPanel for site management and our intuitive proprietary control panel for your IPs and cloaking. Access all your details, information, and support from one place.

Maximum diversity with over 50 data centers

Cloak Hosting has IPs in more than 50 data centers worldwide, ensuring that your IPs are spread across numerous locations.

No Private IP Registration? No Problem!

Unlike other SEO hosts that put your IPs on big blocks registered to them, Cloak Hosting uses IP addresses registered to hundred of different owners.

No Bad Neighbors

Cloak Hosting puts your site in neighborhoods with regular, non-SEO-hosted websites, reducing the likelihood of other IPs in your block ruining your reputation and your sites being detected.

A Customer Support Team Filled With SEO Experts

Never worry again about facing a problem on your own. Cloak Hosting’s customer support team is here to help you with any issue you might have, 24/7. Additionally, you can always contact our SEO experts if you need advice on what to do next and how to deal with any situation.

So, do not hesitate to get in touch and ask all the questions you want!

Why Choose Cloak Hosting?

Risk-Free Trial

You can give our services a try for 14 days without spending a single penny. If you don’t love it, you cancel and pay nothing at all. So, test our services today and see what we have to offer.

Unmatched IP Diversity

With IPs from over 50 different class As spread over a larger space than any other SEO hosting company, you can spread your sites as far apart as you wish.

Daily Backups

We back up your data daily and keep longer-term backups for good measure, so you can rest assured knowing you will not lose your sites.

Unlimited Resources

Need unmetered bandwidth and storage for your sites? With Cloak Hosting, you got it, no matter what plan you choose.

High Performing Servers

We use only the best hardware across all of our servers, enabling us to provide top-notch products to each and every customer. We use SSD drives for maximum performance and monitor your server 24/7 to ensure ample CPU power and memory.

Top-Quality Tools

We make managing and configuring your sites easy and straightforward by providing the industry-standard cPanel and Fantastico control panels for quick software installation. Additionally, we have our very own control panel that offers advanced IP and site cloaking management.