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We’ve reinvented SEO hosting from the ground up

All SEO hosting works pretty much the same. A host buys a bunch of IP address blocks, puts them on one server, and then allocates a few to your account.

But there are lots of problems with this. First of all, EVERY site hosted in those IP ranges is an SEO site. And while you might take care with your sites, not everyone does. So it’s easy to spot those sites and identify IP ranges used for SEO hosting.

There’s also a database of all IP addresses and who owns them. It’s like whois for IPs. So anyone can see that ALL of those IPs are owned by the same company.

Oh yeah, and then there’s the fact that these IPs tend to all be contiguous. So you have massive, sequential lists of IPs and even class C blocks. There just isn’t anything natural about it.

Cloak Hosting is different.

We’ve engineered an entirely different system. We threw out all the assumptions that form the foundation for traditional SEO hosting. The result? A system that is miles ahead of the competition.

Cloak Hosting has a sophisticated engine that chooses disparate IP addresses for customers based on availability, previously assigned IPs, and distance from existing IPs.

And while you manage your sites from a single CPanel installation (never from multiple like some hosts), your sites will show up in multiple different data centers running on other people’s IP blocks.

Not only are the IPs and C class blocks non-contiguous, looking them up in ARIN will never lead back to you or to Cloak Hosting. In fact, there is no pattern or footprint at all to the IPs, server locations, nameservers, or any other element of our hosting.

Your sites simply fade into the background, tucked neatly in with the rest of the sites on the Internet.

More IPs

Our IPs are scattered across more class A networks than anyone else. Period.

More Datacenters

We have sites running in more data centers around the world than any other SEO hosting company.

SEO Experience

We are in the SEO industry and always improving to better meet the needs of SEO professionals.

Customers First

We always strive to deliver the best value to our customers. We’d rather run on top tier hardware than save a few bucks.

A Little Bit of History

Where did Cloak Hosting come from, anyway? It all started on a cruise ship in early 2011. We were sitting around lamenting the pitfalls of the available options in the SEO hosting space.

Being customers of multiple different providers, we knew too well all the things that were being done wrong. Forgetting about the issues with the IP setup, we hated the slow, crappy servers. The mediocre (at best) technical support. The unpredictable nature of the hosts.

Why did SEO Hosting have to be so much worse than regular hosting? Why couldn’t we expect the same levels of service and technology that we got anywhere else?

And of course there were the problems with IPs. Large, sequential blocks of C-class addresses. Huge IP ranges with nothing but SEO hosted sites on them. It was just so glaringly easy to identify and flag SEO hosting ranges once you found one.

So we did what any decent tech entrepreneur would do in this situation – we re-imagined and re-invented. Starting from the ground up, we went in an entirely different direction and built the SEO hosting company we’d always wished we could have.

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