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Domains, IPs, Nameservers, and DNS

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    What makes Cloak Hosting different from traditional SEO hosts?

    While most SEO hosts are happy to sell you blocks of IP addresses and think “That’s good enough”; Cloak Hosting goes much further to protect your sites by using dozens of data centers, and an enormous range of IPs.

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    How do you offer unlimited space/bandwidth when other SEO hosts can’t?

    Maybe it’s just because we’re a little less focused on the bottom line, or maybe we just believe in delivering the best possible product for our customers. Either way, we deliver the bandwidth and storage space you need to host your sites, and we don’t make you watch the meters or worry about going over.

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    How hard is it to manage IPs and this “cloaking” stuff?

    It’s pretty simple – almost all of it happens completely automatically, without you having to do anything. When you add a new site into Cloak Hosting, our system will automatically assign an IP address to it and configure all of the cloaking. All you need to do is update your DNS and create or copy your site.

    The dashboard always shows you the current status of the site, and let’s you know if there’s anything you need to do. So you don’t have to worry about complicated systems or difficult processes.

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    How do you keep sites safe from search engines?

    We can’t divulge the exact details, but our unique system hides each one of your sites among dozens of other, regular sites (ie, non-seo hosted). Search engines can’t detect your site via the IP, and there are no fingerprints or markers pointing back to Cloak Hosting. If you don’t tell, we certainly won’t!

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    How easy is it to set up an account with Cloak Hosting?

    Super easy, actually! Once you’ve registered, we’ll run you through a quick security screen and your account will be automatically spun up. From there you can immediately start building sites, moving your sites in, or have us do it for you. Theres’s nothing to it.

Lots more detail inside

Once you’ve signed up for an account with Cloak Hosting and are on the “inside”, we’ve got training videos and lots more detailed help available.

Plus, you’ll have access to our dedicated support team that’s ready to answer your questions around the clock.

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