Does Website Hosting Impact Your SEO Performance?


In this cut-throat competition, each business owner wants his website to be on top of the search engine ranking. The ranking of today's websites revolves around SEO, as it plays a pivotal role in giving a better position to your website on Google. As in this era, the best place to hide your website is to rank it on the second page of Google.Websites which are smooth to operate are likely to grab Google's attention. This is only possible when your website is hosted on a top-notch SEO web hosting server. Most commonly, you may get a question in mind whether there is an influence of web hosting on SEO or not. The answer is 'Yes'; your web hosting affects SEO.

Let's discuss some points about how poor hosting can impact website SEO and why choosing a reputed web hosting service is mandatory.

Impact of SEO hosting services on your website

Server Downtime

This is the first test of any website. If your website has too much downtime, your SEO hosting service provider is unreliable. Such downtime impacts the website's overall performance and lowers its ranking. Let's think practically.

Suppose your website is not showing on the internet because of downtime. If any visitor searches for your services, the search engine can't find your website, and this will degrade the website's SEO. This will also increase the bounce rate, and you will lose the trust of your buyers.To avoid such situations, your hosting provider should provide an uptime of 99.9%.

Page Load Time

This is the second factor that one should test. If your website is slow and takes much time to provide information to the visitor, then this is the poor service of your hosting provider. Visitors are more likely to go with competitors' websites if a website takes more than 2 seconds to load. Also, the high load time will have a high bounce rate, directly impacting the search engine ranking.A good hosting provider should manage the load time efficiently, which can drive more traffic to your website.

No Shared Hosting

This may seem an affordable deal for you, but remember, every cheap thing is not always good. In shared hosting, multiple websites are hosted as this will make you compromise on the quality, which is not the case with dedicated server hosting. Google never gives preference to websites hosted on shared networks as it is against the ethics of SEO. Also, the risk of spamming increases in shared hosting. Many hosting providers give hosting to anyone, even spammers.

Such practices can impact the ranking and authority of your website. Also, shared hosting will never give you the desired speed, scalability and reliability. The biggest challenge of shared hosting is security, as your data may leak through such hosting.

Pick a local host and target the local audience

Server location has a major impact on the browsing experience of your website. With a server location close to your buyers will have faster redirection of visitors to your website. Usually, ecommerce websites target a local audience, as they want to sell their products to local markets. For example, it will be easy for an India-based web store to sell products in India and achieve good SEO ranking and traffic compared to a server-based outside India.

Each website has its IP address, and it directly points outs the geographical location of the website. With local hosting, you can easily target a local audience, improving the website's ranking in the local search engine.

Set up Geo-targeting in Search Console Tool

Geo-targeting is a unique feature of the Google search console tool. This tool targets the correct audience irrespective of the website's server location. If you have a local domain on your website, you don't have to consider targeting the correct audience; geo-targeting will automatically do it for you.

Go with PBN hosting service.

Any company or individual usually owns PBN or private blog networks. It is usually built for backlinks for website ranking improvement. Each website in PBN is considered an individual website with a different IP address. Hence in the case of 100 PBN blogs, your company should have that many IP addresses.

Final Words

If you select bad hosting, you will face trouble in the future. An efficient website hosting will take care of all the factors mentioned above for the smooth journey of your website. You will never face issues like slow website speed, sudden crashes and too much load time in good hosting.

Hence you should select a reputed hosting provider to increase the chances of better website ranking. Check the reputation of your hosting provider before finalizing the deal. Also, you can ask questions about the downtime, load speed and security of your website to the hosting provider to set your expectations from them.

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